If my camera is not in my hand, something pertaining to these two is.  I am the keeper of dragons, folder of endless laundry, creator of worlds known just to us, commander of diapers, slayer of dinosaurs, destroyer of some ships in a galaxy far away, responder to the same questions asked over and over, translator of the cutest mispronunciations, redirector of actions almost gone bad, receiver of the best monster hugs and sloppy kisses, lover of a new pair of shoes, traveler to any adventure, thinker of many, many, many thoughts, and believer in the silver lining.  Motherhood and photography have a common thread... timing. Both require the skill of knowing when to sit and wait it out and exactly when to push the button.  Being a photographer first, I did not expect becoming a mother would fine tune my craft but it did.   I don't know if it is the newly acquired eyes in the back of my head or my new found ability to patiently predict behavior that can take the credit for getting natural shots. Whatever it is, I love it.  I love to tell stories with my camera... what is yours?                       Keep smiling... Meghan

Photo credit: Kevin McCarthy